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Time Systems Support

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ID Title Date Author Keywords
KB72Hand Punch Time and Attendance Mode Punch Instructions11th Jun 2014Administrator
KB63IP Access Page27th Nov 2013Administrator
KB60TA100 Pro - Adding a Dollar Amount27th Nov 2013Lucas Karisny
KB23TA100 Pro - Adding a HandPunch27th Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB64TA100 Pro - Adding a Shift4th Dec 2013Lucas Karisny
KB37TA100 Pro - Adding Additional Clock to Auto Process7th Oct 2013Lucas Karisny
KB36TA100 Pro - Adding Clock to Auto Process7th Oct 2013Lucas Karisny
KB50TA100 Pro - Adding New Employee30th Oct 2013Lucas Karisny
KB30TA100 Pro - Assigning Employees to Clock30th Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB20TA100 Pro - Backup Data27th Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB9TA100 Pro - Checking HandPunch Calibration13th Sep 2013Lucas KarisnyHP HandPunch
KB54TA100 Pro - Creating A Category (Dollar Amount)19th Nov 2013Lucas Karisny
KB71TA100 Pro - Differentials25th Mar 2014Lucas Karisny
KB22TA100 Pro - HandPunch Networking27th Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB12TA100 Pro - Installing and Running20th Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB35TA100 Pro - Installing Autoprocess7th Oct 2013Lucas Karisny
KB21TA100 Pro - Post Historical Data27th Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB19TA100 Pro - Reindex Tables27th Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB51TA100 Pro - Reprogram Clock30th Oct 2013Lucas Karisny
KB13TA100 Pro - Unassigned Badges23rd Sep 2013Lucas Karisny
KB68TA700 Series Punch Instructions10th Feb 2014Lucas Karisny
KB92TA785 Enrolling Employee Finger Print21st Apr 2016Administrator
KB5XactTime Adding New Employee9th Sep 2013AdministratorXactTime, New Employee
KB66XactTime Admin Home Page27th Jan 2014Administrator
KB31XactTime Advanced Overtime1st Oct 2013Administrator
KB78XactTime Assign an employee to a benefit policy1st Apr 2016Administrator
KB3XactTime assigning additional labor levele to multiple employees9th Sep 2013AdministratorLabor Levels
KB17XactTime Assigning Additional Labor Levels To One Employee27th Sep 2013Administrator
KB75XactTime Assigning Employees to Payroll Policy31st Mar 2016Administrator
KB57XactTime Benefits Page27th Nov 2013AdministratorBenefits Page
KB40XactTime Break Rounding11th Oct 2013Administrator
KB39XactTime Breaks11th Oct 2013Administrator
KB45XactTime Call Back Configuration28th Oct 2013Administrator
KB43XactTime Comp Time Configuration28th Oct 2013Administrator
KB4XactTime Creating Employee Groups9th Sep 2013AdministratorXactTime
KB55XactTime Custom Personal Fields Page27th Nov 2013Administrator
KB70XactTime Editing a employees information13th Mar 2014Administrator
KB61XactTime Employee Access Group Members27th Nov 2013Administrator
KB41XactTime Employee Settings11th Oct 2013Administrator
KB69XactTime Enablinng time off requests ADMIN5th Mar 2014Administrator
KB52XactTime Feature Access Templates13th Nov 2013AdministratorFeature Access Templates
KB18XactTime General Configuration Page27th Sep 2013Administrator
KB49XactTime Hardware Client28th Oct 2013AdministratorHardware Client
KB48XactTime Hardware Page28th Oct 2013AdministratorHardware Page
KB32XactTime Holiday Timesheet Settings1st Oct 2013Administrator
KB47XactTime Holidays Page28th Oct 2013AdministratorHolidays Page,Holidays, Page
KB91XactTime Integration New Employee Maintenance21st Apr 2016Administrator
KB8XactTime Labor Levels12th Sep 2013AdministratorXactTime Labor Level
KB16XactTime Labor Levels Configuration24th Sep 2013Administrator
KB65XactTime Logging On To XactTime23rd Dec 2013AdministratorXactTime-Logging On To XactTime
KB33XactTime Lunch1st Oct 2013Administrator
KB34XactTime Lunch Rounding1st Oct 2013Administrator
KB44XactTime Meal Allowance Configuration28th Oct 2013AdministratorMeal, Allowance, Configuration
KB56XactTime New Employee Defaults27th Nov 2013Administrator
KB29XactTime Overtime30th Sep 2013Administrator
KB46XactTime Pay Adjustment Types Page28th Oct 2013Administrator
KB26XactTime Pay Period30th Sep 2013Administrator
KB11XactTime Pay Types Page XactTime17th Sep 2013Administrator
KB25XactTime Payroll Policy30th Sep 2013Administrator
KB24XactTime Payroll Policy Page30th Sep 2013Administrator
KB86XactTime Programming Hardware Terminal4th Apr 2016Administrator
KB81XactTime Recalculate employee benefits1st Apr 2016Administrator
KB84XactTime Reprocessing an Employee1st Apr 2016Administrator
KB7XactTime Resetting Employee Password10th Sep 2013AdministratorXactTime password
KB27XactTime Round To Schedule30th Sep 2013Administrator
KB53XactTime Schedules Page15th Nov 2013AdministratorSchedules Page
KB15XactTime Security Configuration24th Sep 2013Administrator
KB58XactTime Shift Differential Policies Page27th Nov 2013Administrator
KB38XactTime Special Enroll For TA Finger Print Clocks9th Oct 2013Administrator
KB28XactTime Standard Rounding30th Sep 2013Administrator
KB14XactTime System Configuration24th Sep 2013Administrator
KB59XactTime Telephony Section27th Nov 2013Administrator
KB67XactTime Time Sheet Section27th Jan 2014Administrator
KB62XactTime Timesheet Audit Trails Page27th Nov 2013Administrator
KB42XactTime Timesheet Processing Configuration28th Oct 2013Administrator
KB77XactTime Updating Holiday Dates31st Mar 2016Administrator

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